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Bordatrice monolaterale BIESSE STREAM B1 9.0


  • Code: BS.023
  • Brand: BIESSE
  • Model: STREAM B1 9.0
  • Year: 1999
  • Tags: biesse  stream 

Description and features:

Electronic control NC410 B1
Nr. 1 Anti-adhesive unit ADZ-700
Nr. 1 Pre-milling unit RT30
Nr. 1 Gluing unit with premelter SP3
Nr. 1 Magazine for edge coils with nr. 2 positions
Nr. 1 End trimming unit IT 45
Nr. 1 Rough trimming unit RS10
Nr. 1 Fine trimming unit with nr. 4 revolver positions RF30
Nr. 1 Rounding unit with nr. 4 motors AR-10
Nr. 1 Milling unit FB30 
Nr. 1 Edge scraping unit RB30
Nr. 1 Glue scraping unit RC-10
Nr. 1 Hot air guns unit
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